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About Us

Let us help you making your sales more successful

Blue Marloc's Goal

We are on a mission to make the sales cycle shorter and more effective to significantly improve our client's profitability

About Blue Marloc

About Blue Marloc


With today's IT, Data and Intelligence, "small companies can become huge", "simple ideas become a success" and "large companies can be agile".


We founded BlueMarloc to aid our client's with sustainable, profitable and scalable sales.


We believe that all companies should have access to new technologies to accelerate their sales process. 

We invest in our relations, our relations invest in us: everyone wins

Let’s Find out

Our story

How it all started and how it has been going 


Blue Marloc was founded 


Blue Marloc is active in the Netherlands with a growing Database


Blue Marloc Expanded to Belgium 


Blue Marloc is active in four countries and growing within industries

Professional people

Meet the Team

We are a passionate, creative and innovative team