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How It Works

Improve your sales cycle with automated tools, update your lead generation methods to a new potential

Improve your sales cycle with automated tools, update your lead generation methods to a new potential

Our platform is designed and developed to support your prospecting process as well as your sales process. We replace manual sales steps with automated prospecting and sales systems to achieve more sales by saving time and closing more deals. 


We have got your back every step of the way

Grow your Business with Blue Marloc's platform

Our platform is designed to support every sales person.

All in one view

Every listing has its own view with relevant data such as address, telephone, email and domain. 

Filter Data

In addition to our contact data, you can request any filter data to be added to your prospects that will accelerate your sales team's focus.

Sales Action

After selecting your prospects you can carry out sales actions such as emailing, calling back or saving call results.


Countries in the EU


Cities in the EU


Companies in the EU, and soon in our database for you to make better sales with!

Reason 1

The quality aspects

- No more waste of your precious sales time
- Stop calling wrong numbers
- Don't approache the wrong prospect
- Having too few prospects in your pipeline

Let your sales team close more deals and earn more

Reason 2

The data(base)

- Growing database of prospects
- High Quality Contact data
- 'Know your Prospect' context data
- On request - specific lead data
- Financial insights
- Social Media insights

Up to date and accurate, each and every day

Reason 3

The technology

- The tools at your fingertips
- Leads, call lists, agenda, call reports
- Simpler than CRM, more advanced than CRM
- Created by sales professionals

Let your team do what they do best: SELL

Reason 4

The people & teams

The support a click away:
- Research team
- Data production
- Call Centre
- Sales service team
- Sales teams
- And additional services at your request

Accelerate your organisation to the next level

Finaly the tool dedicated to Sales!

All sales tools in one place!

Stop wasting time by calling unverified address leads and having an unorganised prospecting plan. Blue Marloc provides a one-stop shop to save you time and close more deals. 

How we support your prospecting process

  • Accurate up-to-date actionable contact data
  • Automate your prospecting process by finding similar leads
  • Accelerate filling your sales pipeline by lead scoring the best leads
  • Increase your closing rate by adding sales data which converts

How we support the sales process

  • keep track of all lead contacts in one place
  • easiest to use direct sales tool
  • integrated with CRM's
  • backoffice a click away to help you with your tasks
  • call center to provide you with appointments


Let’s Find out

What makes us different

We provide the sale team with customized tools to make the contact phase with their prospect easy and worry free


Every listing has a full overview with relevant or custom information

Call script

Your sales call script is visible and easy to access on every listing within your call list


You can email an interested prospect right away 

Actionable tags

You can add actionable tags to each prospect wether it is a call back, email sent or not interested

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