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About Us

Let us help you making your sales more successful

Blue Marloc's Goal

Our mission is to shorten sales cycles and improve your profitability

Blue Marloc's Streamlined Approach to Sales

Unlocking Success:

Welcome to Blue Marloc, where our mission is to elevate your sales experience. In the era of advanced technology, we are here to help you create flourishing enterprises, make simple ideas great, and bring agility to large corporations.

The execution platform and prospect database to deliver you an advanced sales process,

Understanding the intricacies of the latest sales aspects can be daunting and having access to thousands of prospects can become a hurdle. Therefore, we've meticulously designed a platform, adept at concealing complexities in which we integrated a database of millions of prospects. Picture it as a form of wizardry—simplifying the intricate and making the seemingly expensive, achievable.

The professionals to delivery you appointments and contracts

Complementing our platform, we boast a team of seasoned sales agents, ready to navigate the sales landscape with you and your sales team. Whether you opt for just using our platform, or join forces with our proficient sales experts and agents, success is within reach.

The organisation which invests in you,

We invest in our relations and they invest in us. As you grow, so do we—let us embark on this sales journey together!

through time

Our story


Blue Marloc was founded. 



Blue Marloc is active in the Netherlands with a growing Database


Blue Marloc Expanded to Belgium 


Blue Marloc is active in four countries and growing within industries


Blue Marloc expanded to Sweden and Germany

Management team

Meet the Team

We are a passionate, creative and innovative team